So we donwloaded the trial of DT Pro Office and have been playing around - and all good. Then we installed it on our second machine (we have 3) and when we tried to access the DB it spat an error about it already being opened.

It’s critical that all 3 staff members be able to get to the DB which is sitting on the NAS.

Is this a problem, or can this not be done??


This cannot be done as a DEVONthink database is not made for multi-User access. You can use Weh Sharing if using DEVONthink Pro Office, or the Sync plugin allowing each machine to have a Synced local copy of the database.

Hi BlueFrog.

Ok - So we have 3 staff members, but we want the DB in a central location so that it gets backed up with our server.

So what you are saying is we would need 3 DBs on the server, and the sync plugin would sync them all together? Is that right?

No, you’d have one copy on each machine (thus technically having backups already - one of the nice bonuses of a decentralized model).

Each machine would Sync to a common location on the server - a local syncStore that’s a repository of the raw data to recreate a DEVONthink database.

Do note that with multiple machines, you’d want to Sync manually (my preference, regardless) or stagger times if using an interval like hourly. Each machine should be staggered so one is finished before another attempt to Sync.

Thank you!. :slight_smile:

I think I have it working now.

I created a DB. Created a LOCAL SYNC STORE on our server, then imported that to the other machine, and it created a local copy.

Seems to be working but we will keep trialling to make sure this is all good.

Understood about the sync. One at 0 and the other at say 15


No problem. :smiley: