Multilanguage searches

my professional database is populated with documents in Italian and English (plus a few supplier documents in French and German).

Sometimes, when searching the DB, I cannot remember the language of the doc I’m looking for so an automatic multilanguage search option would be very useful (to be set by the user on a single search basis):

  1. DT could search not only for the word given by the user but also for their translation (as stored on dictionaries installed on the system)

  2. The user can maintain a personal list of “equivalence” where unusual terms can be stored. By the way this list could be useful for synonyms as well (e.g. “membrane valve” and “diaphragm valve” are used interchangeably without a rational so I can store “membrane=diaphragm” and find all instances).

What’s your opinion? Could it be useful/feasible?


Thank you for the interesting suggestion! Unfortunately the dictionaries of the system are AFAIK not usable for translating.