Multiple Browser Problem

I’m using two separate browser windows to re-organise some items by dragging and dropping. Unfortunately as I am doing this DT is expanding and collapsing sections of the treelist in each window inappropriately. For example I drag an item from a Group in window A onto another group in window B and after the drag the same group I dragged from in Window A is now expanded in Window B. I then collapse the group in Window B that has just expaned and drag another item from Window A onto a group in window B and now the group in Window A collapses!!

When I’m moving items from one group to another, I use the contextual menu option “Move To”.

Example: In Vertical Split view, select one or more items in the left column (groups and/or individual documents)*. Control-click to open the contextual menu pane. Choose Move To, then click on the destination for the item(s).

You may find it more precise and quicker than dragging and dropping. :slight_smile:

  • Note: Shift-click to select a range of contiguous items (select the first item, hold down the Shift key, select the final item in the range - the normal OS procedure to select a contiguous range of items), Command-click to select mulltiple noncontiguous items (hold down the Command key, select an item, continue selecting other desired items - standard OS procedure to select multiple noncontiguous items).

Thanks Bill_DeVille I was aware of that option. Unfortunately I’m working with a substantial hierarchical list and the Move to option is very cumbersome for my purposes because of the need to drill down so many levels. Using a second browser window is much faster in this case especially given the number of items I have to move to different locations. I find the Move to option most suitable for moving small numbers of items.

I’ve got 772 groups/subgoups, most nested down several levels. :slight_smile:

DT offers some other neat tricks. For example, when I want to reorganize a group, I can run a series of searches only for items in that group, using search terms designed to “winnow out” items that I want to move to a different group. Select the highly relevant search hits, then move them to a different location.

But if I decide that the search hits belong both in the original group and in a different group, I can choose the contextual menu’s “Replicate To” option and move replicants to the second group.

The beta of DEVONthink Pro takes this a step further. One can create a new group, give it a “name” that is in fact a search term/terms, then attach a “smart folder” script to it. This results in populating the new group with replicants of items in the database that meet the search criteria. (I’m not certain whether or not this or a similar feature will make it into DT PE. DT Pro is designed to be more scriptable than DT PE.) Needless to say, this adds lots of power for collecting/organizing material on the fly.

That would be SWEET!

I can put the text “TODO” in any RTF note I take, which has follow up items. And then it would be automatically replicated to a “To Do” folder I’d create at the root level?

I may have to bug Christian about getting a beta :wink:

That’s a known glitch which v1.9.x will hopefully fix. In the meantime, you could use one browser window and the groups panel (instead of two browser window) to reorganize your database via drag & drop.