Multiple computers

I am using two different computers (office + laptop), and I would like to have at least read-access to my DB on both of my computers. I tried using Jungledisk as a backup/network drive and store my database on it, but for some reason, whenever I try to open the database, DT thinks that the database is still open and won’t open it for me.

What do other people do who are in the same situation? Note: I am not looking for a two-way synchronization (I read the posts regarding all the problems two-way synchronization entails). One-way would be quite sufficient for me. Any thoughts?


Please ensure that the database is closed before synchronizing/copying and this shouldn’t happen.

I see… The reason I like Jungledisk is that it automatically runs backups for me every hour. So if I need to ensure the database is closed, I am back to manual. Is there any way to associate a script with closing a database? (In other words: a script that would copy the database to the online network drive every time the database is closed?)


No. But it’s possible the other way - the script could close the database and then do the backup/sync stuff.

Thanks, I’ll look into this. Is that pretty much the functionality offered by DevonSync?

No. DevonSync is trying to synchronize two databases whereas JungleDisk & Co just copy a database from a to b.

I have been using dropbox ( with great success. It is like the .mac service done right, and it is free (though I’m now a paid subscriber, for more space).

It only synchronizes the parts of files that are changed, so it works well even for large, monolithic files.