Multiple copies of files in the index

In the Finder folders of the DevonThink index, I have many files with several copies each. They appear to be exact duplicates, even having the same modification dates; just with prerequisite changes in the name (i.e. FileTitle & FileTitle-1 & FileTitle-2, etc). I’ve checked closely and these “extra” copies do not appear to be represented directly in DevonThink’s interface.

Can someone tell me 1) Are these actually extra copies (and not something odd like delta (change) recordings of files), 2) If extra copies, how did they get there?, 3) If extra copies, can I delete them safely, and 4) how would I determine, without going through each individual file, exactly which extra copies are superfluous?

These supposed “extra copies” are taking up a lot of room on my computer and want to get rid of them if they serve no purpose. Thanks, John

Assuming that you’re referring to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 2/Files.noindex, then just use the command Tools > Verify & Repair. It will report both missing and orphaned files. Repairing adds eventually orphaned files again to the database.

What’s the recommended action when it fails like this:

Reparation failed.png
… without any Log window messages and an empty Orphaned Files group in the database?

[Edit: I’ve also opened a support ticket referring to this thread]

Well, the recommended action in this case is to ignore the file :wink: A future release will add more options, e.g. to move the orphaned files to the desktop or to delete them.

Is there some way to determine which file is orphaned and possibly manually fix the problem since I have a hard time ignoring errors? :slight_smile:

The next beta will move them to a folder “Orpans” and log them.

Now that the new version logs the file, is there anything I can do with this orphan?

The PDF I scanned using ScanSnap had blank pages for 2/3 of the pages, in the correct and corresponding spot. I rescanned part of this very long document, and deleted the part I rescanned. It appears this orphan is the original file, and may have been caught during an OCR process. Is there any way I can delete this orphan?

If repairing didn’t add the file to the group “Orhpaned Files” of your database, then select the database in the Finder, choose “Show Package Contents” in the contextual menu and check whether there’s a folder “Orphans” containing anything.