Multiple copies of folder in indexed folder

In one of my databases, an index of a folder with many subfolders, I have multiple copies—between two and four—of three folders that each occur only once in the indexed folder. And the multiple copies of each contains a different number of files.

Most of the multiple files are bold blue. I have encountered that before, but have never understood its significance.

This is in DEVONthink Pro Office.

Clues as to what’s going on would be appreciated.


Database documents that have blue titles are duplicates. (Red titles are replicants.) If you duplicate an indexed folder, both of the duplicates (or triplicates, etc.) would point to the same actual folder in your file system, and so you wouldn’t see more than one folder if you browsed to that location in Finder.

Thanks, korm. I have not duplicated these folders, i.e., in DEVONthink. Two of the three folders are being synced through Dropbox and SugarSync. One was but is not now.

In all cases there are duplicates of the folders, made either by me [Dropbox] or by the service [SugarSync], but they are outside the indexed folder containing the originals.