multiple copies of sorter causing crashes?

DTPro keeps crashing, and I originally assumed this was the much-loved ‘database in use’ problem, so I deleted the ‘.lock’ files in the db packets and did the verify and repair stuff.

However, it keeps crashing (in fact it is now unusable) with the following dialogue box:
Screen shot 2010-01-20 at 16.09.06.png
This makes no sense whatsoever. Is it even in English?

How do I check for multiple copies? And how do I ‘show it from within DEVONthink’?

I have searched for this issue in the DT forum, as I am aware that civilians are handled rather harshly when they have had the temerity to ask a question without spending at least a day reading every post on even remotely related topics! However, please go easy on me as I am an aid worker in Timor-Leste, with very limited internet access…

That my friend is an attempt to CMOA. But the message seems quite clear to me: open the Sorter tab, go to its action menu and select Quit (or do Cmd-Q). Do this for each and every one that is left of screen. If that isn’t the case reboot your system because no communication is possible between these two apps and that normally indicated that something is clogging up the plumbing of Mac OS X.

I have no idea what ‘CMOA’ means. I shall file it in DT Pro next to ‘connection went invalid’, and ‘hey, this bozo paid money for our software so lets baffle him with geek-speak and treat him like the contemptible newbie that he is!’

The problem is now resolved. I do not know how it was resolved, but there were NO multiple copies of the sorter present on the desktop for me to quit. So I improvised and threw away some of the plist files, re-booted and now all seems fine. The ‘clip to Devonthink’ bookmarklet does not work properly anymore, but that is a separate topic that may be covered elsewhere on this forum.

It means “Cover My Own A**”. That’s it, instead of making fun of a paid customer, I was making fun of myself.

Oh that’s all right then! I thought it was more sinister. A** covering is quite acceptable.