Multiple database question

I have 4 DTP Office databases two of which are closely related one of which only contains PDFs, some very large, when I do a search by cmd>shift>f does this return results across (1) only the database within which I instigated the search, (2) all open databases, or (3) all databases? If it is only the first then what would be the best way to proceed so I can have the second scenario be the case? I do have a “main” database which is open all the time and it is within this that I normally instigate the search, so would Replicate or Index help? Thanks for any help.

The Global search (command-shift-f) searches all open databases by default. If needed, you can narrow the search to a specific database, or even a specific group in a database, by using the ‘Search in:’ option in the Sidebar. The Advanced button at the bottom of the Global search Sidebar will also allow you to apply smart group criteria to the search.

Thank you, that is excellent. Cheers. :smiley: