Multiple databases

I’m just purchased DT today, primarily to support my work as a research seismologist. I also have a huge collection of files related to my interest in vintage motorcycles. My preference would be to create a separate database for the hobby, but as far as I can tell, I am only allowed to have one database. Is this correct? I am still waiting for my license code, so perhaps the single database restruction will go away once I’ve registered?

In any case, this looks like a fantastic tool for my work, and I’m looking forward to being able to upgrade to the Pro version.

Database Properties (option-command-P) allows you to change the database directory location but I’ve never tried doing that and creating another set of database files.  Maybe there’s something in the registration system keeping it from working?

And even if there are “sneaky” workarounds I’d rather wait for Pro and pay the fine folks at DEVONtechnologies for the upgrade.  It’s a company worth supporting (IMO) and the Mac community suffers when we don’t.

I thought about changing the database location, but that is an obvious kludge. I hope you’re right that mulitple databases will be possible in the Pro version, and I am more than happy to support a company like DEVON that is making superior tools for the Mac platform. Just in a few minutes of importing large collections of files and folders and doing a couple simple searches I can see the power of DT. I’ve been having more and more trouble remembering where I put some piece of information or text that I need. This is going to be great!

Frankly, if I were Steve Jobs I would be negotiating with DEVON to bundle DT with every Mac sold, maybe even call it "iThink".

Thanks for the feedback! And actually we wanted to call it iThink initially but a Google search revealed over 30.000 hits and therefore this was probably not a good idea :slight_smile:

And DT Pro will definitely support multiple databases and the first betas will arrive in april.

I really doubt that Steve has ever heard of DEVONtech - he prefers the big players like Pepsi, HP, AOL ;D