Multiple Dropbox accounts

I had my laptop, desktop, iPad and iPhone syncing through my Dropbox account “A”. Along the way, however, the Macs somehow have been syncing to a store with the same name on Dropbox account “B”. I am not sure how this happened :smiley: . However, on the two Macs, when I click New Dropbox Account, DTPO automatically connects to account “B”. My browser is logged out of “B”, and the native app is logged into “A”. I have even clicked “Sign in” on the New Dropbox Account dialogue and signed in with account “A”, but the sync store is still created on account “B”. Any suggestions as to how I can re-associate DTPO with Dropbox “A”?

Thanks in advance.

Go online into your Dropbox account’s Settings > Security > Apps linked and remove the DEVONthink Sync.

Thanks. It worked. Initially I was routed to the B account to grant permission for the sync, but I clicked sign-in and logged into A and the store was set up properly. Now to sync the desktop and iOS devices to the new store.