Multiple groups

why are there so many groups in this DB ?
(I think its related to tabs in some way ??)
thanks in advance, Justin

What is the “parent” of all these? Not shown in screen shot.

My hunch is that these are all Tags (as you suspect). Otherwise, I have no idea other than created by a rouge something-or-other.

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hi ramschen ~ here’s a larger screenshot,
the next Q will be ~ how to remove ,
thanks for your reply, Justin

Tbh, I think the next question is “what has happened here?” - I would assume it will happen again if not resolved. Are those groups visible in the screenshot indexed or contained exclusively within the database?

How to remove is almost certainly going to be answered by: manually, by hand.

Thanks reschme and Blanc ~ I’ll remove manually and find out if they return

As @Blanc asked, are they indexed or imported?

They are not indexed - could it be something to do with ‘groups’ , a preference I have set sometime?
They are all empty

Do you have a smart rule moving items from the Global Inbox to this database?

Yes, there are smart rules running - and, they are groups
? Delete the smart rules and see act happens ?

Either delete them or set their event trigger to On Demand and see if the behavior recurs.