Multiple iCloud Accounts - Initial DT3 Setup

Hi -

I have completed moving my notes from Evernote into DT. I have run into a roadblock with determining the best options to run my multiple iCloud Account setup. I currently have a personal account (iPhone and Apple Watch) and a business account (Mac Mini M1 & MBP M1 Pro). I should note that I recently decided to move my files from Dropbox/Google Drive to iCloud and Tresorit (for most sensitive things).

I have read that iCloudKit does not support multi iCloud accounts. I am seeing that the top alternatives are Dropbox sync and WebDAV. I am not familiar with WebDAV, and I do not desire to be associated with Dropbox. What are my best options? I ideally would use or Tresorit.

I am interested in hiring a consultant to support my transition to DT.

I have about 500 GB of sync databases in my Synology NAS via WebDAV, synchronized with 3 Macs, 1 iPhone and 2 iPads without any trouble. All of them are in the same iCloud account, but having the sync database in a “generic” webdav server, and not indexed items, the only thing is you have to purchase a license/subscription of DTTG on each different account.

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