Multiple Incoming Scans under Smart Rules

I haven’t used DevonThink for a long time — but with the advent of a new version and a good iOS app, I decided to start using Devon for my databases. I was so happy with the new version that I’ve already paid the upgrade fee and am looking forward to getting all my files together in one place.

Before I offer my question, I should say that I have set up seven unique databases for various collections of data and information. That could have some bearing on my issue, I think.42

I just noticed that I have four smart rules all named “Incoming Scans”. I’ve examined the rules — and they seem to be the same — except that some are marked “OCR” and others are marked “On Demand”.

Do I need to keep them all? Should I delete all but one? What causes this to happen — and how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

This was a bug of beta 5, it’s recommended to remove all of them and to install the latest one via Help > Support Assistant or View > Sidebar > Extras if desired.

Thanks! I will do that.