Multiple Instances Of Devonthink

Why does DTP open multiple instances?

My Canon scanner is set up to send a scan to DTP but when the scan executes it frequently causes DTP to open another instance.
Also, occasionally an apple script when activated to send an email to a specific database will cause a second instance of DTP to open.
I’ve not done strict tracking of when this happens so I don’t know that it occurs on every occasion of a scan or running a script, but it does happen frequently.

This action seems to cause DTP to become confused because I get an error message that another instance is using the database in question.

Is there anyway to avoid this happening?


Yes. Please Quit all open DEVONthink applications. If the Sorter is running, click on the Sorter tab to open it, then click on the cogwheel at the bottom of the panel and choose Quit.

In the Finder, Control-click on and move to the Trash all instances of DEVONthink applications except one, the edition for which you purchased registration and that you wish to continue using.

Why? DEVONthink databases can be damaged if multiple copies of DEVONthink attempt simultaneous access. Having multiple copies of DEVONthink installed can confuse OS X Services and scripts, resulting in multiple open DEVONthink applications and the potential of damaged databases.

Now, having removed all but one DEVONthink application file, the one you have registered and wish to use, launch the DEVONthink application.

Immediately run Tools > Verify & Repair to check for database errors. If found, run Tools > Rebuild Database to restore the database to good order. Afterwards, examine the Log (Window > Log) for a list of any files that failed to be included in the rebuilt database. The list may be saved for future reference.

Hi Bill:

Thx for your response.

To clarify the situation its not that I have multiple copies of DTP, its that I get multiply instances of the one version.

When the problem first arose I thought I must have inadvertently ended up with more than one copy of the application. I checked the Applications Folder and there is only one copy there.
I did a spotlight search and only get one copy.

That’s why I think this is mysterious.

It’s not possible to have multiple instances of a DEVONthink application open from one application file. If more than one DEVONthink application is open, there will be more than one DEVONthink app icon in the Dock.

Make certain that you don’t have two editions of DEVONthink installed, e.g., DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office. An application located in places other than the Application folder can be launched, e.g., on a mounted disk image.

The “in use” message will be triggered when a database is opened, and this can result from a simultaneous access attempt by more than one copy of a DEVONthink app. However, it can also be triggered by any event that failed to properly close the database when it was last accessed, e.g., a system or app crash, a power outage, a forced shutdown, etc.

Ah, found the problem but its a little subtle.

I did have a second copy of DTP but it was obscured.

I had placed a link inside Curio so that I could open DTP from within Curio, but instead of creating an alias I’d inadvertently made a copy of the application. I believe this puts it inside a package and I believe hides it from Spotlight.

Anyway just FYI - in case anyone else should run into a similar circumstance.

Thanks. I like it when mysteries get solved. :smiley: