Multiple orphan files in files.noindex

Hi everyone,

I seem to have a problem with my inbox. As the screenshot shows there apparently are nearly 70000 orphaned files in my inbox. However, the orphaned file folder is empty.

The log,. on the other hand, gives me the files that are missing. Here a small extract:

I tried rebuilding the database (inbox), but it did not work.


Did DEVONthink or the computer crash? Or did you use Force Quit?

Did you try to repair the inbox? Only repairing can fix such issues.

According to your screenshot the files are actually orphaned but not missing.

I am not sure what incident caused this behaviour. It first appeared a few months back. DTPO is functioning completely norma apart from this notification.

The notification appears as a result of “Verify & repair”. I tried that multiple times. Is there any other way of repairing you have in mind?

And: Yes, I was being imprecise. The files are not visible in the folders within DTPOP, i.e. they are not in part of any of the orphaned file folders. Via the log I can view them in Finder. I did not check all of the files, of course. But the ones I checked are not files I added to DTPO at any point (at least not intentionally).

According to the screenshot the files might have been created by downloading a website. Is this possible? In addition, did you check the permissions of the files in the Finder - do you have read/write access?

Ah, I see. You are right: seems like a downloaded website. But I am quite certain that I did not download this site…

Whatever: I seem to have read/write access. So maybe I could simply delete them?

But how can I access all the 69+ thousand files in order to delete them?

If you repair the database, the orphaned files will be put into their own Orphans group in the root of the database.

PS: If you accidentally Option-clicked a URL, it would be possible to download a website behind the scenes.

Thank you! That sounds like a very plausible explanation…

Concerning the “Orphans” folder in the root (?) of the database “Inbox.dtBase2”, this is all i can find after “Verify & Repair”:

But this can hardly be all the 70000 files?

You’re welcome.

Note: You should not be rooting around in the internals of a DEVONthink database in the Finder!

You should be only working with the database inside DEVONthink.

Here is the problem: there are no files in the “orphan” folder even after “verify and repair” inside DevonThink:

You have the top level Inboxes selected. You are showing a union of all open databases’ inboxes. Select the Eingang instead. Look for an Orphaned group there.

Unfortunately same picture here:

Do the verify & repair on the Eingang.
Do you see the same prompt about orphaned files?

I did not do that before. Unfortunately, however, same prompt…

I suggest you make sure your local backups are current and do a File > Rebuild Database on the Eingang.

Just did that. Unfortunately, same error message: Repair failed. Still 69+ thousand files orphaned.

When doing a Rebuild not a repair?

Same result.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket.

Thanks. I will do that.