multiple text document bugs

Here are a few problems related to editing text documents in DEVONthink Pro (v1.2). The first two may also apply to editing HTML or Web Archive documents but I haven’t tested that. It’s possible the last one is system-specific but I don’t have a way to check; volunteers are welcome to try and let me/us know. :slight_smile:

• Undo of all edits doesn’t clear the the modified state

When a text document is edited, either in a pane or separate window, the dark dot in the red gumdrop still indicates the document is modified after undoing all changes. Closing a separate window after undoing all changes in it brings up the “Do you want to save changes …?” dialog unnecessarily.

• command-D shortcut ineffective in “save changes” dialog

Using the command-D shortcut to discard changes made in a document window doesn’t have an effect.

• Editing rich text documents can cause bogus content redisplay

I’ve discovered this can be easily and consistently reproduced with captured text from this forum…

In Safari select text of a long post that includes quoted replies (try this example), starting with the author name and ending at the bottom of the post. Use Safari > Services > DEVONthink Pro > Take Rich Note (command-)) to capture selected text in DTP. Open the captured document in a separate window (not necessary, but easiest). Display ruler with Format > Ruler > Show Ruler (shift-command-R). Highlight a paragraph of non-quoted text. Choose Default from the Styles dropdown menu and observe the result. It might be necessary to “page down” to see it, or choose the Default style on other paragraphs – it’s very obvious when it happens. Also notice the narrow width of quoted text blocks. I’ve seen those mysteriously vary in size within a pane of Horizontal Split view after unselecting/reselecting the document.

Wouldn’t you know, that problem (at least with the style change causing anomalous redisplay) isn’t specific to DTP since it can be reproduced with TextEdit and probably other apps that use Apple’s rich text API(?)

I’ll be mailing a link to this posting to support so it’s a more official report.

Thank you for the feedback! The last one is indeed an issue of Mac OS X’s text engine - hopefully some day Apple will fix/improve this (but I doubt this will happen before Leopard).

Thanks for the acknowledgment! Relieved to know it’s a universal problem instead of specific to my system. I just mailed a link to support even though it’s seems redundant now.

There’s another issue with document editing I remembered this morning, originally described in another post:

• When deleting a document that’s been modified in a pane or separate window there’s no confirmation to save changes.

That adds modified content in panes to what I originally wrote.

I don’t think that this is a bug as the user already confirmed to delete the document.

I agree. If you really want to delete a document its modification state should be irrelevant. Not sure what I was thinking …