Multiple TextStart & TextEnd XML

Let’s say that on the search result webpage that I am trying to make a plugin for has the content that I am interested in separated in chunks in the HTML code.

Could I have multiple TextStart and TextEnd keys?
Or lets say that the chopped content starts with the same tags and ends with the same tags. Would a single entry of TextStart and TextEnd take into account all the blocks of content or will it merely go through the first block then quit.

I really don’t have an example of these situation but I am merely curious. Thanks for the help.

Not yet but v2.5 will definitely support multiple values and additional ways to extract the text. In case you’re interested in the current build, just let me know.

I’m interested in this and am using the current 2.5 beta. Can you publish a list of newly supported XML keys? I’d like to start taking advantage of them ASAP for some work I’m doing on my devonagent-plugins github project.

Just send me an email and I’ll send you the current version history.