Multiple users for a DTPO database?

Hi all,

I have been using DTPO for my own academic research and have really enjoyed it. So much so in fact that I have convinced a team at our institute to use it for archiving our written materials and developing an annual report.

I have created the database on a shared server within our institute, and we have purchased a site license so that DTPO is now on 2 other computers in the institute (plus my personal laptop). I’m now wondering: Can multiple people upload items into the Inbox of this database and if so, how? Is it as simple as anyone who wants to access the database (one at a time, of course) opening it on their version of DTPO on their institute computer? Will other users be able to manipulate the file structure, etc. or will they only be able to put items in the Inbox for me to move around? Either one is okay, I am just trying to figure out how to structure our workflow.

Thank you in advance!


Please note that simultaneous access to a DEVONthink database by more than one user is likely to result in database damage. In the scenario that you describe, it would be possible for each individual to (one at a time) access the database, provided that each person quits the DEVONthink application after use, and before the next person accesses the database. If that rule were ever broken, database damage would be likely. (Running the database within Dropbox is not recommended.)

A safer approach would be to use the new Sync procedure, which can allow multiple users to share a database, and can use Dropbox as the vehicle for syncs.

Public beta 3 of the Sync plugin was posted on 19 December, 2012 on our Blog (keep an eye open there for possible updates) at (please note the caution about using working copies of your databases with the beta).

I have this same question. Is there a newer option for multiple users to access a single database other than that 2012 beta option, which I assume isn’t compatible with the current system/synch/etc. I have a research assistant who needs to be able to access my database, and I’m stumped on how to do this without risking corrupting the database. This seems like such a fundamental need for a database like this, I’m hoping DT has come up with an option – I feel a bit stuck on my options since I’ve been building my DT database for many years and am happy with it, other than this possible issue, and I’m not sure what other database options I’d have or how I’d move my very large DT database over to one … Please tell me this is something DT can do now? Thank you!

I guess there are two ways to do it. If you colleague is in the same intranet with you, you can turn on bonjour server in your DT then your colleague can sync to your database, then he / she will have an exact copy of DT database on his / her Mac / iOS DT.
If you’re not on same intranet, you can set up a syncstore on WebDAV server then you both sync to that syncstore.
Note that both of you will have your own copies of DT database in your computers.

No, this is still not possible. DEVONthink databases are not made for simultaneous user access. We also advocate a decentralized data model when each device has a copy of the data but syncs to a commonly accessible location.

@Scraptrash has offered two reasonable suggestions. I would add the use of a common Dropbox account is not an uncommon thing.

Another option might be the web server of DEVONthink Pro Office.