Multiple Users on same machine - questions with regards to databases and sync


I want to set up two users for Devonthink on the same Mac. My idea is to:

  • place the standard databases on a public folder (accessible for both users)
  • let the global inbox untouched

If I simply create a new user and open Devonthink:

  • is the global inbox replicated from the sync store to the new users global inbox?
  • is the new user able to access the databases on the public folder and are the changes replicated to the sync store?
  • how do I need to set-up syncing on both users to avoid doubling documents?

Are there any concerns, obstacles? I don’t want to have separate document databases for the users.
There is no need for “parallel” use of the databases. Only one user at the time.
Thank you in advance for your answer.

You can have an issue if you switch users while shared database is open for one user, perhaps ending in a disaster.

My recommendation is: each user has his own local database(s), and all databases are synchronized via a sync service (not Bonjour, evidently, because you need both users active at same time).

In the will to save disk space sharing one local database you can end losing your data.

And yes, if you mark the Local Inbox Sync, it will be sync for all users, like any other database (It is a database, stored into your user profile).


You don’t even need a sync service at all. Since it is on the same computer, you can set up a sync store in a hard drive or NAS location that all users have access to. Then each user can have a database which syncs with the sync store.

Each user can retain a private Global Inbox by choosing not to sync that.


Thank you :blush:

If using an NAS, it’s possible it supports WebDAV services which can be employed for syncing.

We advocate a decentralized data model where each device - and in this case, each user - has a local copy of the data but syncs to a commonly accessible location.

You could create a local sync store in the Shared user account. However, you may need to set the permissions for the .dtCloud file for both accounts to sync to it.

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This sounds good. Will try that. Thank you.

The solution with shared user directory for the dtcloud files is not helping for DTTG synchronisation.

If you need this, each user have to enable bonjour incoming synchronisation requests.

I tried also another scenarios. Using a dedicated user for the database synchronisation with Bonjour incoming enabled. The other users on the Mac are using the bonjour service of this user as sync destination and mobile devices, too. Best is you can use wired connection of your iOS device with your Mac for sync. Best for data security and speed.

In the end, I switched back to WebDAV nas because of easier handling. I have to sync private and business Mac and iOS for some databases.