Multiselect in sidebar

I wonder why there is so little response to the lack of the ability to select multiple elements in the sidebar.
I know that this is a planned feature but I’ve been waiting for it for almost a year now.
Since I tag a lot of documents, I need an easy way to click the required tags together, similar to what the “stylish” tag cloud does or as it has been possible in the 3 pane view.
How do you use multiple tags in V3 at all ?

Apart from the fact that this missing feature has made DT almost useless for me, I wonder how I’m going to use my long list of folders in addition to the tags at all. I already realize that I have to search and scroll a lot and have very long mouse ways to adjust the view as I need it.

Translated with (free version)

You can select multiple tags in the item list.

It’s also unclear what you’re specifically doing that would make DEVONthink useless.