Music & Pictures

Although currently I have a separate HD for my picture and one for my music, I’m wondering if it may not be a good idea to log everything through DTP?

Space is always an issue but, this year I plan on investing into larger external HD’s which I would like to use a backups.

The ideal situation would be to name, view and access through DTP but have the files stored on the external drives.

Would like ideas on this.


You can locate your database on an external drive and fill it up with the pics and music if you’d like.

You could also index the contents of the external drive to a local database but you must be cautious with your file handling and if the drive is offline your database would appear to be “broken”.

Do note that while DEVONthink is awesome, it really shines with text-based file formats. Music utils like iTunes or picture apps (digital asset management (DAM) apps) are specifically programmed for media files like these, so YMMV.
(Also note that I myself house some MP3 sets in DTPO because I don’t care about anything but playback for these files. I need no other metadata or the ability to create tracklists, etc. - so I am not dissuading you.)