My best setup for personal use on two machines?

I will be upgrading to the latest version and will be the sole user of DEVONthink, on my High Sierra CMP and my MacBook Pro. I also want to have DEVONthink to Go on my iPad Pro. What is my best setup and upgrade option? If I am correct, the license lets the holder use two computers. How does one do this Since my MacBook Pro has the smallest primary storage capacity but it is my most up-to-date Mac, I would prefer to keep DEVONthink data elsewhere. What is my best setup? Is there some way I can use the program on the MacBook Pro while away from my home office and then sync to a database on my CMP? Thanks for any insights.

It sounds as if you should set up syncing for your database(s) using your choice of iCoud, Dropbox, CloudMe, etc.

How large will your databases be? How much RAM do you have in the MacBook Pro? I doubt hard drive space is an issue - if it is, you can always use an external drive.

If there is a question as to whether Your MacBook Pro can handle all of your data, then you may consider breaking your data up into 2 or more databases. Then you can open and sync just the specific needed database(s) each time you are on your MacBook Pro.

Alternatively, if you do not need all the features of the DT3 interface, you could consider the Server version of DT3 and access your data on your MacBook Pro via the web server running on your main computer.

As another alternative, you could use a VNP or Remote Desktop connection to access your main computer from your MacBook Pro.

you could use a VNP or Remote Desktop connection to access your main computer from your MacBook Pro.

This is technically true but also usually not very performant on average.

And @rkaplan is correct that an external drive for holding separate databases (i.e., not the Global Inbox, which is best left in the User/Library/Application Support folder on the boot drive) is a useful option.

Well I am certainly hoping that @cgrunenberg at some point has the interest/time to display custom metadata columns using the web server; that will be an ideal solution if/when it occurs.

Until then, I find that if I am in a remote location with limited Internet bandwidth, often it is easier/quicker to use Remote Desktop to access my data rather than to do a large sync operation to bring my data up to date.

I find that the Remote Desktop Server from works very well for this purpose.

rkaplan, thanks for reply. Macbook Pro has a 500GB SSD and 16GB RAM. My CMP also has 16GB RAM and several internal drives in addition to boot SSD. I don’t know how big my database will get but will want to download files for local storage. so was concerned that things could eventually start to get out of hand. Several databases could help. Maybe the best way to start is using Remote Desktop connection and change when and if needed. I also have an old Time Capsule which I can maybe set up network drive with.


Thanks for comment. I will not move the global inbox.