My extras sidebar is empty

Hi there!
I’m rather new to Devontechnologies and at the moment getting used to DEVONthink 3.
While exploring and making my way around I noticed that my extras sidebar is empty.
I didn’t find anything in the preference that I would have to tick nor did I see something of that sort on the extras sidebar itself. Is there something I would need to set or shouldn’t this appear by itself?
I’m using a MBA M1 (obviously using Big sur).
Any help/explanation welcome!

From page 98 of the handbook (re. Extras):

“Note: For the sake of transparency, DEVONthink does connect to our web server to bring you this information.”

Have you blocked DT from web access in any way (i.e. a 3rd party firewall etc.)? I’m not aware of any preference in DT which would turn the Extras sidebar content on or off, so that’s the only idea I have off the top of my head. When you say empty, do you mean completely, or do you mean there are some sections listed (e.g. Scripts, Templates, Tips & Tricks) but these are empty?

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry you were faster tha it took me to insert a viewable screen shot.
The extras sidebar is “empty, empty”. I don’t think I blocked anything but I’ll be checking my little Snitch settings.

Yeah, I think it’s pretty likely DT3 has no access to the web (or specifically to DT - who may well use AWS for this content). Perhaps a little hitch in Little Snitch :crazy_face:


:blush: Little Snitch settings were fine. I rebooted my MBA though and now everything seems to be as it should. Thanks for having pointed out the network connections!

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