......& my Global Inbox disappeared

I too am getting the “Database already in use” message and on top of that my Global Inbox icon has disappeared from each database pane when they do open.
How do I get that icon back?
If I can’t get it back are all of my unfiled documents that were in the Global Inbox lost?
Are we getting an updated update soon?


Same problem here! (just right now)

This is A SERIOUS FLAW in the new version of DEVONthink!!!

I’m what is called a “power user” since 1984 and I have never seen such a behaviour!

I have problems with my Mac and I have been obligated to make hard resets recently: DEVONthink HAS SERIOUS PROBLEM with that.

I we forget the mysterious message 'Ignore"( or ‘OK’ (in any case DEVONthink is disoriented!!!) we come back often with NO WINDOW AT ALl!!!
And then we can open one of the databases BUT there is no more the famous “Global Inbox” (where I put everything new) !!!

And if we look at the help system THERE IS NO MENTION AT ALL OF THIS!!!
Exactly as it were not existing.

And like I said I’m a power user! BUT I can’t figure at all WHERE TO GO TO GET IT AGAIN!!!

Excuse me for shouting but it is quite infuriating!

So it seems that this could be a serious problem for all users.
I recommend that anyone reading this thread to immediately get everything filed from their Global Inbox (if you still have it) and don’t shut down and then restart DevonThink Pro until you have done so.

Except when testing by deliberately invoking Force Quit of DTPO2 under some circumstances, I’ve never encountered the ‘Database in Use’ message. Obviously, if some procedures involving writing data to disk are interrupted by a system crash or a Force Quit, database damage might occur.

In many cases, when that message appears it remains safe to open the database by pressing the ‘Ignore’ button. However, Christian has noted that if the warning was triggered by using a synchronization system such as DropBox (if the database copy used in the previous access remained open), or attempting to access a database from more than one computer or copy of a DEVOnthink application, database damage could occur. DEVONthink applications are single-user databases.

Annard has discovered a problem that can result from dropping folders or package files into the main Sorter Inbox. Please see the comments and suggestions at http://www.devon-technologies.com/scripts/userforum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8339&p=39203#p39203.

Unlike other DT Pro/Office databases, which are stored at user-selectable locations including external drives, the Global Inbox database, ‘Inbox.dtBase2’, is stored in the user’s Library.

My own concept of the Global Inbox is that it is primarily a temporary holding place for new content, especially useful for adding content when DT Pro/Office isn’t running. As such, I tend to move data out of the Global Inbox to my working databases and then delete the content of Global Inbox.

By default, DT Pro/Office Preferences > Import - Destination sends most new content added by scripts, bookmarklets and Services to the Global Inbox.

But there are two other user-selectable options. Most of the time, I prefer the ‘Select group’ option, which allows me to direct new content to the desired group within an open database via a pop-up panel that displays my options. This panel also allows me to create a new group at that time.

“Unlike other DT Pro/Office databases, which are stored at user-selectable locations including external drives, the Global Inbox database, ‘Inbox.dtBase2’, is stored in the user’s Library”

Where in the Library? I cannot find it and have done nothing that I know of to eliminate such a file. Are my Global Inbox files now lost?

Will there be a remedy for this soon?

See http://www.devon-technologies.com/scripts/userforum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8154&p=39210#p39210.

As noted above, avoid dropping folders or package files directly into the Sorter’s main Inbox. Those folders and files will instead be sent to the system Trash.

Instead, use one of the alternatives mentioned above, until the next update.

I went to “Preferences” and under “Import” changed my “Destination” from “Global Inbox” to “Select Group”.
I then restarted DevonThink Pro and upon restarting the “Global Inbox” (which I will no longer use) magically reappeared (with all of my files) in each reopened database. Go figure :slight_smile: