My groups have dissappeared after rebuilding my database

Yesterday I rebuilt the database (exported then imported) - the database was corrupted in some way (had an X beside it). On rebuild when I use the 3 pane configuration my files are sorted into 3 “smart groups” – “pdf” “image” and “duplicate.” With duplicates included I have something in the realm of 20,000 files and had an extensive classification system using groups and subgroups, with some replication and duplication into other groups. When I search in the PDF “smart group” and highlight the file, the groups and subgroup location still appears but as a kind of line item – a greyscaled path in a row above the selection (or immediately below) so for example: (file name with path below)

536-Smith-06 WOODWARD.pdf

So it appears I have not lost the index system but how do I get it to appear in the LHS pane as a succession of groups, so I can click on the folder “NATURE” and find all the relavant files, or (folders/subfolders) rather than having it listed as a notation? I am concerned not to mess with what is there in case I do something that loses the indexing system entirely. Help is much appreciated - it’s impossible to work with the system in its current configuration


I just responded to your Support Ticket.