My Home Screen after software upgrade on my Macbook

This is my home screen when I open DT on my Mac. It is blank. ( see attachment)

I do not see my Global Inbox, etc. Thoughts? & Thank you!

The path bar at the top of the window shows that you are inside the inbox. If your inbox doesn’t contain records then the capture looks ok.

Or do you expect to see records there?

You have no separate databases open and nothing selected in the Navigate sidebar.

Do you actually have data in the Inbox?

No data in my inbox. I cannot figure how to get back to my “home page” where I see my Global Inbox. I am new to DT, so forgive my ignorance.

No worries!
Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please attach a new screen capture of what you’re seeing after you quit and relaunch DEVONthink.