My Perfect Scenario and Is it Possible?

Hello Jim,

The support you give folks on this forum is fantastic - and you’ve helped ME a lot! I don’t think I have ever asked this directly so here goes.

My “perfect” solution would be to have the Power of DTPO AND use Dropbox (or iCloud); Currently I index my Dropbox Folders and have a script I use to “add files to folder” to get things I add to DTPO back to dropbox. The reason I do this is because there are Many occasions that I would need to access the stuff on Dropbox from computers I don’t own and need to use the web interface. Is indexing and my current setup the best way to do this? I guess the real power of DTPO is in when the files are imported into the database itself, is that right? If so, is there a way to do this and then on a regular basis export to dropbox and have the files be available - or better yet, export to a folder and SYNC that folder with the “original” dropbox folder using CCC or Chronosync??


There is no need to complicate matters with an app like CCC or Chronosync. Yes, indexing folders in Dropbox is a common scenario, and the one that sounds like it would fit your needs.

Note: Indexing is not the “perfect answer” and needs to be approached thoughtfully. You should only index locations that are fairly static, ie. not moving the folders around. Also, just as it is with importing, you should be judicious in your indexing, ie. don’t index your entire Dropbox folder just because you can. :smiley:
I suggest creating a parent folder in the Finder and indexing that. Use subfolders within that parent folder for the files you want indexed in DEVONthink but also accessible outside it. But do not rename the parent folder or you’ll end up with missing files in the database.

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Ok… and thanks for a Sunday response !

But that’s the thing, I access the files very frequently. They are my working files… now, I don’t move FOLDERS around much at all, just adding and updating docs and files. I am a teacher, so it’s my course materials folder that I am indexing and it contains subfolders by class I teach. I make extensive use of tagging. The one wrinkle in my set up is the need to access files from the web on an occasional, yet important basis. Otherwise, I would probably just import.

You’re welcome.

What you’re describing shouldn’t be an issue. If you follow my advice, it should work as expected.