My single best feature in DT3

I was just reflecting on my usage of DT3. The single most useful feature for me is CTRL-CMD-M, and then type in a search field which group you need. All in the keyboard. Brilliant

I use Command-N, Command-F all the time.

Same here - CTRL-CMD-M and CTRL-CMD-G

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thanks for sharing CTRL-CMD-G > this is a life saver (!)

I just checked DT’s help on shortcuts but cannot seem to find this. Where did you find this out?

Help > Documentation > Windows > Popovers > Utility Popovers > Go To

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I also use a small utility called CheatSheet which displays all the shortcuts available in an application (window). The occasional look at the menu items might help as well …

Seems like the missing word was “popover”. I search for “shortcuts”.

Maybe a good idea to include both of these shortcuts under: “Shortcuts”

Both of them are really dramatic workflow savers.