My Sync Scenario

There are lots of various threads on both sync issues and on ways to improve sync. Here’s my request for what I’d like to see in sync.

  1. Stability and works. Covered all sorts of places so I won’t belabor it here. Suffice it to say that DT ought to argue w/ Apple about letting many more users be part of the beta program so you are more likely to find the huge errors experienced when the SW got sent into the wild.

  2. Easier way to say what will sync. I need much less confusion about replicants vs duplicates vs will this sync or not. I want something simple. I want to be able to say, this group/folder or this whole database (I have DTTG & DTPO) should be synced and anytime a file or a lower level structure within that group changes or is deleted on either iPod or Mac I want that change reflected when I sync. The issues about having to first create the folders/groups within the sync group to avoid accidental deletion of files is terrible.

I have a fairly complex database now and re-creating all those folders in the sync group, then replicating the individual files is going very slowly. I’m not even sure it’s going to work properly once I get it all converted. I want a preference checkbox on every database and on every group/folder. Sync or not. If yes everything below, including all child folders must be synced. So if I want to sync my entire database I just set the sync checkbox on it at the top level and then I don’t have to worry about the lower structure. All changes I may to groups, files etc. will be synced onto my device. If I want to sync just some groups/folders I just want to say sync these and be done with it. It’s way too confusing the way it works now.

My use for DTTG is to carry my database of misc useful bits and pieces with me. I have a separate database for that that I want entirely synced to my iPod. I have other databases that I do not want to sync but that is easily handled by my scenario as well.