My Word document opens without its images


I’m new here and new to DevonThink, so please forgive me if this topic’s been covered already. I looked for it but couldn’t find it.

I’ve imported a Word document into Think and it opens beautifully, but without the photos–which do show up when I open the document in Word. Does someone have a suggestion for what I might be doing wrong?


DT does not include native support for Word documents, it’s just using the text engine of Mac OS X and therefore RTF/RTFD documents internally. But the Word-to-RTF conversion of Mac OS X does not support images (yet).

Thanks, Christian. That’s not good news! Is there any way around this? Can I open a Word document in another application and save it as something else?

One workaround would be to print the document as a PDF to DT Pro. Another one is to index the Word document (using File > Index) and to open the document via “Data > Launch Path” if necessary.

Oh, a PDF—that’s a great idea. Thanks!