myDt + DTcloud say 'manifest'-file missing - is it relevant?


since some days I receive the notice within the sync-log of both DT + DTTG that a ‘manifest’-file is ‘missing’ (see attachment)…

… I have no idea what this means, whether this is relevant/reason for some concern, or how to go about fixing it?
– also I couldn´t find anything here in the forums, so that I wonder whether this is having to do with DT or rather is an issue with the server/host?

thanks for any hints and revelations!

vb! oliver

Any error issued by the software is “relevant”. On the Mac, in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, right-click the Sync location and choose Clean Location. This will remove the old Sync data so you can Sync afresh.

Which cloud service do you use?

I’ve tried this – as well as doing “Verify & Repair,” “Backup & Optimize,” and “Rebuild Database,” and am still getting these errors.

Please start a Support Ticket.