Mysterious command-key find function, DTPro 1.5.4

This is an odd question, I admit.

I was typing in a new title for an item in a folder with many items in it. As I typed the last word (name of article’s author), fingers of my right hand apparently got off the keys and typed a couple of extra keys but I don’t know what they were.

DTPro went to the other article in this folder that has this author’s name in the title.

I have viewed the available key commands in DTP menus, and using KeyCue (which brings up all of an application’s shortcuts on the screen) but nothing I have tried duplicates this function.

Any ideas?

DEVONthink (like the Finder) selects the first matching item after typing one or more characters.

Yes, but I was typing in the title of the folder, not in the find box. Command-F doesn’t work if the cursor is in the folder title area, so that can’t be what I inadvertently typed.