Mysterious DEVONthink Sorter Message

DEVONthink Sorter.png

In the past month or so I have intermittently come across the above window on my Mac desktop. The application’s “name” is always different but it is a variation of this example. The small window is only partially visible and I must drag it to see the entire message. I have searched for an app or file on my Mac with the name “App 0/303178 pid=354” without success.

I do not know if it is a problem with DEVONthink or something else. But I figure that this forum is a good place to start trouble-shooting the problem.

Open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal and type: ps -x | grep then the PID reported (and don’t forget a space after “grep”). What process is it reporting?

Terminal returned this:

354 ?? 0:00.80 /Applications/Alfred 2 -psn_0_286790