n00b trying to get a handle on file/DB structure

I’ve spent some time reading and pondering, and I’m still a bit stumped about one particular issue: how files are (or are not) saved in the Dt database.

Here’s how I understand it right now; please let me know if I’ve mangled it.

When you import files into DevonThink, it makes a copy of the file for the database.
When you drop and drag a file, it indexes the file, but doesn’t copy it (??)

I may also have that completely backwards. Basically, I’d like to get rid of file duplicates, since I don’t have a lot of hard drive storage space. I can back them up on a server, but want to keep DevonThink for use on the laptop so I can work while I travel.

But…don’t really want to start deleting until I get this sorted out, and also can make sure that I choose the best method of importing going forward :slight_smile:
I really love Dt so far!

Both importing and drag & drop copy the file into the database package (*.dtBase2) whereas indexing and drag & drop while pressing the Command modifier key don’t copy it.

Close, but no. File > Import… and drag and drop provide the same behavior: copying the file into the database. If you hold the Command key when you drag and drop, it will move the file you’re dropping.

File > Index… creates a link to the external file. Also, dragging and dropping while holding Command-Option also indexes the files.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

Now I just have to go backwards and figure out if I indexed or imported when I was getting started. D’oh!

Easily done. Indexed items have a curved arrow icon to the right of the file’s title.