Naïve search question: Spotlight.

I am a relative newcomer to DEVONthink.

I have an item (image) in my database that has a term A in the (file)name, and a term B in Spotlight Comments field that is available at the bottom of the Get Info field.

If I search for “A” in search, the item appears as a search result. (Not including quotes.)

If I search for “B” in search, the item appears.

However, if I search for “A B” in search, the item doesn’t match. It seems intuitive to me that it should.

Is there a different search query I should be using, OR should I be sticking the text somewhere else than Spotlight Comments?

Thanks in advance for helping me out!

The search term is currently applied to each metadata (e.g. title or comment) on its own (e.g. to make proximity operators more consistent) but neither the title nor the comment contains both A and B. One workaround is to use A OR B, another one to use a smart group or advanced search to search the desired terms in the title and in the comment.

Thank you, Christian. Unfortunately, A OR B doesn’t quite achieve what I want, since it will show me many more results for A and B independently.

I will adjust my strategy to put more things in the title instead of spotlight comments. It will be more clunky, but it’s important for me not to miss search results.

I guess I want to express a desire for a software update that introduces an option to search metadata all together, also. :·)