Name new file and double click to open - focus goes away

I have a very basic problem. I like to sort by filename. I also frequently want to create a new rtf file, name the file, and then open the file with a double click. Because of the sort, I name the file and double click, but my named file has moved to its proper place according to sort and I open whatever file is now in its place. The causes a lot of frustration for me because I do it so often. Is there a way for the cursor and focus to stay on the file I am working with so that when I double click, I open the correct file? Or is the only option to name the file, return, find it again wherever it has been sorted, and then double click to open it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can have multiple sort columns in a DEVONthink view window. See View > Columns for the options.

I typically name or rename newly added items. If the sort is done by Date Added, those new items will be right up at the top.

Changing the Name doesn’t alter the sort order.

Tip: In many cases, a document contains a selectable text string that would be a good Name. Select the string and press Control-Command-I and that will be entered as the document Name.

How are you creating the new RTF file?