Name of current document in View/Edit pane?

Is there any way to find the name other than scrolling through the Item List?

Also, can the Item List maybe sometimes lose track of the current doc and not highlight it? Can’t swear to it (i.e. I can’t reproduce it) but think I’ve had to click on a random doc to force an Item List view refresh.

Usually the selected item should be visible. When exactly does this happen?

What OS are you running?

You can see the name if you enable the tab bar.

In preferences General > Interface check Enable tabbed browsing and Always show tab bar.


  • If you are using Icon and Text mode for the toolbar, the name will show to the right.
    • There’s also a WindowToolbarStyleExpanded option in Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences that will show the title bar at the top of the window, similar to previous versions of macOS.
  • If you select Tools > Inspectors > Info > Generic, the Generic Info inspector shows the name.
    • Similarly, pressing Shift-Command-I opens the Info popover where the name is shown.

Thanks All,

Shift + Cmd + I is what I need :slight_smile:

@cgrunenberg Not able to reproduce, I will list steps her if I can capture in future.

Glad to help :slight_smile:


Just FYI - I think this is what I encountered before.
If the Favorite document (.rtf) I select is already opened in its own separate window (not full-screen) then that window is brought to the foreground but the navigation window is not updated (it still has the grey ‘lowlight’ over the previously selected document (also a .rtf)). Also bringing main DT window to foreground does not trigger refresh to fix this, result: that two different docs, in Favorites and Navigation window, both have the grey lowlight. When I select a new doc in Favorite everything works correctly. Hope this helps.

A screencast or screenshots might be useful, thanks in advance.

Ugh, I can’t reproduce with a dummy DB (and my main DB is sensitive). It is not a major UX issue for me anyhow. Won’t show up on this thread again without a screencast :wink: