Naming notes taken via Take Rich Note service

I’ve just learned that I can choose Select Group for the importation of new notes. If then I take a rich note I am offered a HUD (?) window that allows me to choose the group where I want to send the note.

I don’t see how I can at that stage choose a name for the note. It would be convenient to have a space at the top like in the Save PDF to Devonthink equivalent where I can put a name. Otherwise, I have to leave the application I am working in, locate the newly taken RTF note, and then give it a name manually. And this then neutralises the great advantage offered by the COMMAND + ) shortcut, (or the Append text to Rich Note equivalent - COMMAND + @), namely that you don’t have to leave the application in which you are working… (in my case this is usually Skim).


Nobody answered (which is fine), so I’m wondering if maybe I put the question in an incomprehensible way… I’ll try again.

Suppose I’ve opened a document from my database with Skim, and I want to take a Rich Text note from it. What I do to achieve this is highlight the text, and then press COMMAND + ). This works.

Now suppose the default import settings opens the HUD. This is a good option because I can choose there which group to send the note to, rather than sending it to the global inbox. This too works.

What I’m wondering about is whether there’s a way to give the note a title at this stage, from the HUD. It appears that there isn’t. This means that I have to go and give the note a name, something which involves navigating in DTP to the group, to the note and then giving it a name. Now, this is fine, but it neutralises the benefit of having a quick Rich Note service.

I suppose that if I’m right in suspecting that there is no way to do this, then the proper next step is to send a feature request. I’ll do this. My question is just whether I’ve missed out on something on the way.



I don’t think you’ve missed anything at all-looks like naming notes in the HUD is not currently possible. I do agree it would be a nice feature to be able to do this.

Edited to add: I’ve noticed that when using the ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ bookmarklet in Safari to take a note, the HUD does have a field to name the note. I expect it might be a bug that the name field does not appear using Services. I’ve opened a support ticket to report this.

In general in these cases the first line of the note is used as the title.

That’s the way it always did work prior to the option to select the destination, and I can understand it working that way now if it were consistent in use. However, as the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet allows the user to rename the note, it looks like taking a note with the Services menu could/should behave the same way.

I agree, don’t hesitate to file a bug.