Naming of PDF after OCR

In ScanSnao Home I send a scan to DEVONthink, with a name yyyymmddhhmmss.pdf.
When I choose in Preferences/OCR “No Action”, the file is imported with the same filename.
When I DATA/OCR the file to searchable PDF the filename remains unchanged and the PDF is searchable.

When in Preferences/OCR my choice is Convert Incoming Scans to searchable PDF, the filename is changed to some text from the document.
Is this a bug? Do I do something wrong?
I like to keep my filename the same as the filename of the incoming scan.

I noted the same thing yesterday, but my less recent experience was as expected - name did not change when converting to searchable pdf. Perhaps this is a b3 bug?

Do you have any smart rules running?


I have smart rules but they are all “on demand”. So, not running?

I had the slight hope that DTPbeta4 should solve my problem.
But no, my naming problem persists.
I did a clean install of DT and ScanSnap Home, but nothing helps.
Can the development team give me suggestions what can be the problem?

Please check if there’s a smart rule “Incoming Scans” in the sidebar and either remove it or switch it to on demand.


I had this Smart Rule and I removed it: problem solved

Please disable also the option to install extras automatically, see Help > Support Assistant.