There is probably a trivial answer, but…how does one specify the title of a new data-base entry most effiiciently.  If I select contact being viewed in Safari and then use services/Take Plain Note to create a new DT item, everything works but the name of the entry is chosen automatically and is usually “unhelpful.” Yes, I can overwrite the title, if I remember, but I often don’t. ???

DT uses the first non-empty line of the selection. If the clipping contains an article, review, etc., then this line usually contains the title. Therefore it’s a good idea to start the selection at this line.

Would you consider (optionally) prompting for the item name?  That would be handy when you want to enter several items sequentially into DT (e.g. clips from a web page) without having to directly interact with the application.  Or maybe shifting the keyboard focus to the new item’s name so it’s easier to immediately change?  If it’s not too hard to implement, that is. :slight_smile:  Thanks.

We’ll consider this but actually it’s probably easier to grab multiple clippings at once. Afterwards switch to DEVONthink and rename them if necessary.

Good point.  I’ll adjust to using a “clip now, name later” style more consistently.  Actually, items names don’t seem too important for clippings when all I’m interested in is searching for the content.  And it may work best to use a few general group names for that content, then create more specific ones if I need that level of organization/structure.

The context-sensitive menu (Select-Control) has a nice command called "Set as Title".

So instead of re-typing the item names, just find a word or phrase in the article that suits, Select-Control it, and it will become your new title.

Be sure to Save before closing.

Set As Title only works with plain and rich text content.  It would also be handy if it worked on text strings in link items (e.g. created using the Take Plain Note service on URLs) and HTML items (e.g. created using Capture Page).

Christian said it would be possible to add a Set Item Name From Page Title function (requested in this post) after DT Pro is released.  I’d use that for nearly every link item.  Capture Page already does that automatically when it saves the HTML item.

"Set As Title" will be added to contextual menus of WebKit views (displaying captured  pages or links) in the next release.