Native RTF notes in DTP 3 differ in line and paragraph spacing from converted RTF notes

RTF notes created in DTP 3 get these settings:


Markdown notes converted in DTP 3 to RTF on the other hand get these settings:


Which results in two different looking kinds of RTF notes while a uniform look (the not extra spacing one from the native RTF notes) would be much nicer. Admittedly a really small bug.

PS: I just discovered that this is a heritage from DT 2. So it’s a really small but long-lived bug.

Thanks for the report! The issue is confirmed here, though I’m seeing 12 points, not 13.

Well, not everyone gets this extra point. You have to earn it first. :wink:

I have no real clue why you have a different paragraph spacing. I am using a 13 pt. font. Could be a pure coincidence that the paragraph spacing is 13 pt. too.

Looks like not a coincidence. I’m using a 15 pt font for Rich Text (set in preferences), and when I convert a Markdown file to RTF, it has paragraph spacing (after) set to 15 pt.


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Thanks to both of you. Those are helpful details, for sure. :slight_smile: