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I have been trying to find the “best view” for me to work in and have a few questions. I do not know if I am missing something or if these are not implemented in the UI.

  • When in the “Split view”, beginning at the root of the DB, I expand a couple of levels of my folder hierarchy in the sidebar.
  • I then I click on one of the expanded folders in the sidebar. This gives me an icon view of the contents of the folder in the content panel.
  • Wanting to dive into the folder displayed in the content panel, I double click it. This is where things get strange for me.
  • Instead of opening the folder - performing the same action as expanding it’s parent and selecting it in the sidebar, the open action replaces my current view - sidebar + content pane with a view of the folder.

I have not found a way to “undo” the double click and get back to the view I was in previously, i.e. the root displayed in the sidebar and folders expanded leading to the folder I just double clicked on. My short term memory being as it is, it takes me some time to navigate back to the folder I was in.

I can understand the “open behaviour” if I did not have the sidebar open, but not when I have the sidebar open. What I am looking for is a Back button that will return me to the view I ha before I double clicked on the folder.

kind regards

Ensure that “Preferences > General > Interface > Always open groups in new window” is enabled.

To “undo” browsing in place, just use Go > Up or Go > Top Level.

Ok, this takes care of accidental double-clicks on groups. But this sort of assumes a multi window user interface?

Ok! I got this working too and will be using this method. I had disabled “Retain view” to get an Inbox that was in Icon mode, but the overall functionality is worth having “Retain view” enabled. I turned off “Always open groups in new window” and am now happily returning to the root view, which remembers my expanded folders! Thanks!

Personally I don’t use the “Retain view” option as I prefer different views for different groups/databases, especially when browsing in place. E.g. icon view for global inbox, three pane view for root of all databases, split/list/icon view for subgroups.

And column views will be also part of this list soon :wink:

I’m not sure if I know what you mean by “browsing in place” do you mean browsing with “open groups in new window” turned off or something else?

Yes, “browsing in place” means that this option is disabled.

Ok, I understand then :slight_smile: