Navigating PDF files in Devonthink

For some of the meeting I attend the papers are sent out as large PDF files with bookmarks for navigation. If the document is exported to DevonThink To Go it is possible to navigate the document using these bookmarks. As far as I can see there is no way to do this in DevonThink on my Mac. The document sidebar shows the pages which make up the document, but I can’t find any way to change this view to a table of contents (like I can in Preview). Is there any way to do this, I don’t want to have to use Preview every time I want to view a document.
If it is not possible, can I request you consider making it possible please? The bookmarks making up the table of contents are clearly preserved as they are visible when synced to the iPad.

Agreed. It would be great to be able to access TOCs within DEVONthink.

That feature is planned for the future. As usual, we don’t project timetables in advance of releases. Not even hints. :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to that feature as I like to stay in DT rather than open up another app also.