Navigating through documents in DTTG with external keyboard

Hi, I’m using DTTG on my iPad Pro with magic keyboard, and cannot see how to quickly move through my documents using the keyboard. That’s annoying as I’ve sync’ed my DT database with hundreds of documents. Am I missing something?

Thanks a lot.


That’s unfortunately not yet possible. It’s not a default function of list views but it’s on our list for future improvements (just not the next one, I’m afraid).

Plus one for that! I hope that better keyboard support will come soon!

I have external bluetooth keyboard, I dont use touchpad but external mouse and the experience of scrolling through pdf pages is not the best

Even possibility to do page up and page down with keys would be really helpful.

Just adding my voice to this request. Here’s my order of importance:

  1. Command-O to open a doc — similar to search, but open it instead of present it in a search. If there was this functionality, I could work around pretty much all the other navigation shortcomings.
  2. Tab and arrow movement through the tree and windows.
  3. Shortcut for bringing up the info pane.
  4. Tabbing through interface elements to control with keyboard.

As iOS has no concept of “focus”, like the Mac has, how do the other apps you use let you know that your keyboard shortcuts are now affecting the groups list or the detail view? The arrow keys could mean something completely different depending on whether your focus is on the left or right hand side of the iPad screen. Just curious.

Quick open is present in Ulysses, Drafts app also have a big pallete of shortcuts for IpadOS (like open next) PDF Expert also has some interesting keyboard shortcuts

Also DTTG have already a “page up”, “page down” shortcuts, but they dont work for me (I tried them in split window mode with other app open), the shortcuts “go to last page”, “go to first page” worked only once, and then using them do nothing when I am focused on pdf in DTTG

My keyboard is not an apple keyboard but in other apps works

OK, they choose keyboard shortcuts like ⌘↑ etc. Good idea. Noted.

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