Navigating through occurrences of search term(s)

In the Search Window, below the search results, DTPO displays a preview of the PDFs (primarily) that I’m searching for terms. (Some are strings, some are simple searches.)

Is there a way to navigate from one highlighted word (or pages with highlighted words) to the next, rather than scrolling through the preview looking for these highlights? It’s easy with long documents to miss them. Perhaps a menu item or keyboard shortcut?

If not, could there be?

I see in the DTPO Help article that “Due to limitations in Mac OS X’s PDFKit, highlighting of occurrences of the search term in the document is not tied to words and so also sub-strings are highlighted.” That’s quite reasonable – but it makes it more imperative to let users easily navigate through all of those highlighted results.


In the menubar, choose Go > Next Highlight (note the keyboard shortcut).

The keyboard shortcut is command control right arrow to move to the next occurrence and command control left arrow to move back to the previous occurrence of the search term

Right! Thanks so much.