Navigation Bar size?

This is probably not possible but I would like to somehow increase the size of the font items in the Navigation Bar, (I am finding it increasingly difficult to locate the “top hat” especially) and a slightly larger size of the image would be a help.

I don’t believe the size of the icons in that bar can be increased. However the System Preferences > Accessibility > Vision > Zoom feature of OS X offers quite a few methods to zoom in on regions of the screen. For example, zoom can be configured to activate when you press the a key such as Control and use the scroll-up gesture on the trackpad. Because Zoom can be invoked on-demand it is unobtrusive and effective without making permanent changes to the display.

Thanks korm, I will explore this and it sounds as though it may well be a good compromise. Cheers.

SwitchResX allows for retina- like scaling on non retina screens, such as external displays. Essentially it scales only the interface elements and all the other screen elements use the screens native resolution. For example you can use a 2460x1440 screen and scale it to 1920x1080 without any of the blurriness you would get from simply adjusting the screen resolution in the Displays panel in system preferences.

One man developer and the support is fantastic.