navigation between "folder" items (groups, tags, databases..

As mentioned in an older post, it would be nice to have forward and back buttons (and shortcuts) to navigate between groups (and other “folder”-like items such as tags, databases, smart groups, etc). If this exists already, please let me know - I haven’t found it yet.

The easiest way to explain is to compare DT to Finder. DT has navigation, but only between documents (or perhaps other media types too - I don’t know as I’m just getting started with DT), except for some basic navigation such as going to the parent “folder”. DT's "folder" navigation.png

Finder, in contrast, uses navigation to browse among folders. It works when I double click on a folder or when I change to another sidebar item. Finder's folder navigation.png

I’m not saying we change how DT navigation works, but instead add a second set of navigation buttons just for “folder” items (groups / tags / databases) - perhaps on the top left like Finder. This should also allow navigation between, for example, a smart group in one database to a group in a different database - simply following how the user browses “folder” items.

Any takers?

I just discovered the “reveal” command. Although this doesn’t provide the “folder” navigation functionality that I suggested above, it is proving to be very useful as an alternative way of browsing groups.

For anyone unfamiliar with this feature, if you select an item in search results or in a smart group, you can go directly to its enclosing group by hitting R or by selecting the menu item Data -> Reveal.

For any other beginners like me, it might also be worth mentioning another recent discovery - creating smart groups from searches. This is an alternative to using the smart group editor, and could perhaps be more flexible for defining search criteria - although I haven’t reached the limits of the smart group editor yet.

If you open the advanced search using the shortcut ⌘⇧F or the menu item Tools -> Search, the search can be saved as a new smart group by hitting the + button: adv search.png The location of your new smart group depends on where you search (selected under “Search in”): search in.png By default, all databases are searched, so your new smart group will be placed on the sidebar. If you select a specific location, the new smart group will be placed in that database.

Thank you @dfoley. Some very useful tips.

I agree. Could be its own topic under DT/DN Tips & Tricks, but subforum categories here often contain misfiled content with no apparent moderator intervention to keep it sorted (e.g. like on the Noodlesoft Forums).

True, that second post is more like a tip, but it seemed related to the first which is intended as a feature request.

It’s a bit of a learning curve, but I’m very happy with Devonthink so far. Folder navigation would be just another feather in Devon Technologies cap, if they decide to implement it, however, it’s becoming less of an issue as I get used to the product.