Navigation between groups question

In the 3 pane view, the lower right document view pane has Back and Forward buttons in the top left of that pane. If on Document 0 you click the Back button you are taken to the previously viewed document (say Document -1). Directly under the toolbar the Location of the viewable document is shown, however the Document list view and the Group list to the left are still showing the group and related documents for Document 0.

That’s fine, but is there an easy (keyboard shortcut preferably) way of shifting the Group and Document lists focus to the location of the currently viewed document (Document -1 in this case)?

The Go menu items don’t seem to provide the answer, and the Location line just below the toolbar seems unclickable.

Providing this further nav capability would be great, allowing both easy transfer between view of documents and their location.


Command-R reveals the location of the previewed document.

Thank you Jim, and sorry I missed that in the help.

If I invoke Command-R on Document -1 the document is revealed in the list above and the group to the left. That’s great.

But what I notice is that the Forward Arrow top left of the document greys out so you cannot go forward to Document 0 (Command-] is also unavailable). Unless I am missing something, this means it is not possible to toggle back and forward between two documents where you want to reveal the document in the document list and the group in the group list pertaining to each of the documents.

Am I right, and if so is there a workaround?

Many thanks