Navigation Pane

How can I bring up the Navigation pane (with icons for Search, Library, etc)
The only window I see is the database window.

Navigation pane?

Hi, thanks for responding

not sure what to call it , I want to get to the view that give numerous
options for on-line search databases like Pubmed etc

this is what I mean: :: how do I get to this ?? … -3-for-mac

I am sure it is really simple / obvious but I can’t find it (I saw it once)


DEVONthink doesn’t support online searches.

However the Papersapp Support site says it has built in search engines - and this site shows it

can you tell me how to get to the page in this link describing how to set it up ? … -3-for-mac


That’s a third-party website & application, it’s not related to DEVONthink in any way. You have to use Papers to get that view :slight_smile:

Ugh - Chrisitan - my apologies , confused the app’s
Bought DT also,
thanks for you patience ,