NEAR operator search across a pdf page break


When I search a database (of PDFs), I find the NEAR operator very useful. The problem is, whenever the two words of the NEAR search are split across two different pages, it finds the file, but it does not give me the occurrence in the search panel of the file.

For example, if I search hey NEAR you in my database, a file where “hey” is at the end of the 131st page and “you” at the start of the 132nd page is found (and that is fine), but the search inside the file itself does not give me any occurrences, so in a large pdf, the found items are basically unattainable.
Is it normal behavior?

Thank you for your help

This is unfortunately limited to pages due to limitations of the PDFkit framework. The only workaround would be to convert the PDF to plain/rich text and search in this document.

Well I guess I can do with rtf conversions, do you know a good tool for that?

Convert to RTF in the context menu of DT? I don’t know if it’s “good” (or what you mean by that), but at least it is handy.

That does the job, thank you!